Review: “Iron Gold” by Pierce Brown

After devouring (and recently rereading) the original trilogy, the Red Rising Saga, I could not wait to get my teeth into the fourth book that takes place 10 years after the last one. However, I was weary of what implications could this cause, as the trilogy on its own was fantastic, with phenomenal world building, in-depth characters, and amazing twists in the story. I’m not a massive fan of bringing back a series and continuing the story after an x-amount of years. But I don’t think I was done with Brown’s world building and the characters that he’s created. If you haven’t read the original series and want to avoid spoilers, I would stop reading now! Unless you’re not bothered and just want see what I have to say about the book, then keep on reading!

Title: Iron Gold

Author: Pierce Brown

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

Number of Pages: 601

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 stars)

A new wound can take a body. Opening an old one can claim a soul.

Synopsis: 10 years ago, Darrow was believed to be the liberator, the breaker of chains that would bring change. Unfortunately, his Revolution has only brought on endless war. Desperate, he aims to fix this by going on a final mission to end it all once and for all. But by doing this will he make enemies of his friends? Will he lose himself? Destinies intertwine in this saga about the creation of a new world, introducing new points of view to the story line. 

Overall Impression: Once again, Pierce Brown has proven that he’s incredibly amazing at building worlds, weaving and intertwining stories, including politics and so many different aspects and miniscule details to create this wonderful book. The only reason it lost a star was because I just couldn’t get into it as much as into the original series. There was just a little lack of involvement on my part. Maybe because Darrow became such an annoying character or because some character storylines (chapters) weren’t as immersive as others. 

Even though, I would still highly recommend this book to anyone who loved the original series. It’s amazing to be able to come back to the same world and see how the story has developed, what new challenges do the characters face, and what’s in-store for the whole solar system. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on “Dark Age” as soon as it comes out!

Likes: This book used different character points of view for chapters and focused on four people: Darrow and Lysander, who we know from the previous series, and Lyria and Ephraim, two new characters introduced in Iron Gold. It was really interesting to see what different characters think about Darrow’s decisions, how they react to his action from their point of view, and what Darrow was thinking at the time when he was making those decisions. Interestingly, it also shows how the leading figure tends to be misunderstood. I also really enjoyed that the characters weren’t always painted in a positive light. They have faults, they believe their ideals and they’re not perfect. It is good to see them fail and make bad decisions, because so often in fantasy books the main characters are great at whatever they choose to do.

Dislikes:  The main issue that I had with this book was that it just wasn’t as immersive as the previous three. I couldn’t put those ones down and just wanted to keep on reading. Whereas I wasn’t too bothered about this one. And also, towards the end of the book, I just had no patience for Darrow. He’s just becoming repulsive, but to be honest, that might’ve been Pierce Brown’s aim. Maybe he’s setting Darrow up for something bigger, so I can’t write him down yet. You never know!

In Conclusion: The book was incredibly dense, but a very good read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who loved the Red Rising series. And if you haven’t read the trilogy, go do so now, because it’s absolutely amazing! Hail Reaper!

Have you read any of the Red Rising books? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy reading!

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